Weekend Tournament

The main event of the 80th Noteboom tournament (28 February -1 March 2020) is an open six-round Swiss tournament, the ‘Open’ tournament. Entrants will be divided over three ELO-graded groups as shown below. (Where appropriate, Dutch ELO grades will be used over FIDE grades).

  • Group A: for players with ELO > 1900
  • Group B: for players with ELO > 1600 and < 2000
  • Group C: for players with ELO < 1700

A maximum of two byes (skipped round, ½ point) can be requested for two of the first four rounds, but only BEFORE the start of the tournament. There are fields on the entry form for this purpose.

The results of this tournament will count for national (Dutch) ratings only, not FIDE.

Like previous years, we will again organize 4-player round robins. This tournament is played during rounds 1, 3 and 6 of the main event. Only senior players (>20 years old) can register for these round robins. Byes are not possible and players will be paired based on ELO rating. We will try to avoid pairings of club members as much as possible.

Rate of Play
100 minutes for the whole game plus 10 seconds per move starting from move 1.

The FIDE rules taking effect from 1 January 2018 apply with the following exceptions:

  • ‘Zero tolerance’ (art. 6.7.1) does not apply. Players may arrive up to 60 minutes late; after > 60 minutes, the game is lost by default.
  • Electronic (communication) devices (art. 11.3 b): having a mobile device with you during the game is not allowed; devices such as this may be stored in the playing area but only in a bag or coat. All electronic devices must be switched off during play. Any player violating this rule will forfeit their game.

Tournament Schedule

Friday February 28 Registration from 17:30
Opening ceremony 19:15
Round 1 Open and 4 player groups 19:30 23:30
Round 1 Invitation 20:00
Saturday February 29 Round 2 Open 9:00 13:00
Round 2 Invitation 14:00
Round 3 Open and round 2 4-player groups 14:00 18:00
Round 3 Invitation 16:00
Round 4 Open 19:30 23:30
Round 4 Invitation 20:00
Sunday March 1 Round 5 Open 9:00 13:00
Round 5 Invitation 14:00
Round 6 Open and round 3 4 player groups 14:00 18:00
Round 6 Invitation 16:00
Prize-giving ceremony ca.18:30  – 19:00

Main prizes

Group A Group B Group C 4-player groups
1e € 1.200 € 600,- € 400,- € 50,-
2e € 800,- € 300,- € 200,-
3e € 400,- € 200,- € 120,-
4e € 200,- € 100,- € 80,-

If players are tied for any of the 1st to 4th places, the prize money will be shared.
The prize fund is guaranteed if there are more than 280 participants.

Additional prizes

Group A Group B Group C
Best female player € 100,- € 80,- € 60,-
Best young player U20
€ 100,-
€ 80,-
€ 60,-
Grading prizes  € 100,- € 80,- € 60,-
Brilliancy prize € 50,- + book for the person that lost
Best club Cake treat at club
Family prize € 100,-

Additional prizes will not be shared. If two or more players finish on the same number of points, the final ranking will be determined by the Buchholz score, then the Sonneborn-Berger score, then by drawing lots.
The additional prizes fund is guaranteed if there are more than 280 participants.

Registration and entry fees
You can register for one of the tournaments by filling in and submitting the appropriate registration form.
The entry fee must be paid in cash at the venue. The entry fee is € 35 for the “Open” and € 25 for the 4-player groups.

Special conditions apply to the following categories of players:
(W)IM : € 10 discount from entry fee
(W)GM: exempt from entry fee
Conditions: offered to GM > 2600 only. Please enquire at tournament director

Questions or suggestions
If you have any questions or suggestions please contact tournament director Rudy van Wessel.

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